The Air We Share

Educating and informing about the quality of the air we share.

Other Resources

A Wealth of Information

A friend of mine from Canada is the most educated person I know regarding chemicals in our environment and their affect on us. Here are two of the websites she maintains for the good of people who breathe air:

Linda’s Home to Heal (a different Linda than me – she’s been an air advocate for decades and has mentored me for over a dozen years. I give her credit for pulling me up from a really low point with support and education.)

Linda’s other site is a virtual clearinghouse of information. At times this learning curve can be overwhelming, which is why I wanted to keep my site here simple with just an initial two changes you can make to make a HUGE difference in the chemical load in your home. But when you’re ready or hungry for more information, check out this seriously amazing website: Seriously Sensitive to Pollution.

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